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REPORT # ST-007 PUBLISHED January 15, 2014
Bio-Printing Markets: A Ten-Year Opportunity Forecast
  • Smart Technology

    Bio-printing is a young but emerging field of study, whose ramifications are increasingly commercial. Promises of 3D-printed organs may catch the attention of the media, but the time has come for the wider market to take notice as well. More imminent applications of bio-printing technology will drive growth and galvanize bio-printing into a real industry over the next decade. This industry will require dedicated hardware, software, and materials that suite its needs, and present considerable revenue opportunities.

    Bio-printing may only be a blip on the screen of many executives now, but this industry is flying below the radar. It is time for the business community to take notice of bio-printing: to make efforts towards understanding exactly how what it will do and what opportunities it represents.

    In this report, SmarTech identifies the current state of the bio-printing sector though an analysis of processes, software, and materials employed by the industry. More than simply an industry survey, this report focuses on the strategies employed in the bio-printing market through an analysis of key players.  Readers of the report will gain an understanding of the dynamics of the industry as it stands today, as well as a framework for contextualizing new developments.

    The second half of the report discusses the commercial applications of bio-printing today and in the future. We have organized bio-printing opportunities on our own timeline; from the most realizable to the most distant. This discussion spans across tissues for drug testing and drug qualification, localized medicinal therapies, breast augmentation, bio-printed tissues, and total organ replacement.

    Each opportunity is thoroughly analyzed, providing the reader with a clear understanding of technological progress, market size, timing to market, and associated risks. We have also included a discussion of the sources of current and future funding for bio-printing, which helps the reader understand what will keep the fire burning as bio-printing approaches these more dramatic commercial opportunities.

    This report concludes with a discussion of the five biggest challenges that bio-printing will face over the next decade. It is critical these issues be addressed by all stakeholders in bio-printing, as the trajectory of the industry ultimately hinges on their successful resolution.

    SmarTech believes that this report will provide invaluable guidance for material, software, and equipment manufacturing companies in the bio-medical industry, 3D printing industry, and other related sectors. This report will also interest specialty chemical firms, cell culturers, and forward-thinking medical professionals, clinics and laboratories.  We also think that this report will prove to be required reading for investors in the budding bio-printing sector.


    Chapter 1: Bio-Printing Technology
    1.1 Bio-Printing Processes
    1.1.1 Bio-Plotting (Extrusion-Based Processes)
    1.1.2 Inkjet
    1.1.3 Stereolithography and Other Light Curing Processes
    1.1.4 Biological Laser Printing
    1.1.5 Laser Direct Write
    1.1.6 Acoustic Droplet Ejection
    1.1.7 Magnetic Levitation
    1.1.8 Drivers of Future Value
    1.1.9 The Plea for Hardware Standardization
    1.1.10 Future Consideration for Equipment Development
    1.2 Bio-Printing Software
    1.2.1 Mimics, Amira, and Other Medical Imaging Software
    1.2.2 File Creation Software
    1.2.3 CAD Software and the New Bio-Printing Code
    1.2.4 Software Addressing 4D Analysis
    1.2.5 Bio-Printing Software Price Changes Over the Next Decade
    1.3 Bio-Printing Materials
    1.3.1 Biodegradable Lattices
    1.3.2 Hydrogels, Bio-Paper and Bio-Ink
    1.3.3 Cell Cultures
    1.3.4 Commercialization Demands Innovation In Cell Culturing

    Chapter 2: Commercial Opportunities
    2.1 Sources of Funding
    2.2 Creating a Roadmap towards Commercialization
    2.3 Opportunity Timeline
    2.3.1 New Drug Screening
    2.3.2 Localized Direct Bio-Printed Therapies and Bio-Pen Applications
    2.3.3 Breast Reconstruction and Augmentation
    2.3.4 Bio-Printed Tissues
    2.3.5 Partial Organ Therapies
    2.3.6 Prospects for the 3D Printed Heart

    Chapter 3: Forecasts of the Bio-Printing Sector
    3.1 Market Overview
    3.2 Forecasts for Global Bio-Printing Labs
    3.3 Forecasts for the Bio-Printing Equipment Market
    3.4 Material Forecasts
    3.5 Forecasts for the Bio-Printing Software Market

    Chapter 4: Five Core Issues for the Next Ten Years
    4.1 Navigating the Bottleneck of Bio-Printed Vasculature Systems
    4.2 The Rift between Bio-Printing and the Practicing Medical Community
    4.3 The Roadmap to Commercialization
    4.4 The Call for Process Standardization
    4.5 The Time for Dedicated Bio-Printing Hardware, Software, and Materials

    About SmarTech Markets Publishing

    About the Analyst

    List of Exhibits
    Exhibit 1-1: Advantages of Extrusion Based Bio-Printing Processes
    Exhibit 1-2: Medical Imaging Software
    Exhibit 2-1: Opportunities in Bio-Printed Tissues
    Exhibit 3-1: 10-Year Bio-Printing Market Summary
    Exhibit 3-2: 10-Year Forecast of Global Bio-Printing Labs
    Exhibit 3-3: 10-Year Bio-Printer Market Overview
    Exhibit 3-4: 10-Year Professional Bio-Printer Market
    Exhibit 3-5: 10-Year Compact Bio-Printer Market
    Exhibit 3-6: 10-Year Bio-Printing Materials Market Overview
    Exhibit 3-7: 10-Year Cellular Materials Forecasts for Professional Printers
    Exhibit 3-8: 10-Year Cellular Materials Forecasts for Compact Printers
    Exhibit 3-9: 10-Year Hydrogel Materials Forecasts for Professional Printers
    Exhibit 3-10: 10-Year Hydrogel Material Forecasts for Compact Printers
    Exhibit 3-11: 10-Year Bio-Degradable Plastics Forecasts for Professional Printers
    Exhibit 3-12: 10-Year Bio-Degradable Plastics Forecasts for Compact Printers
    Exhibit 3-13: 10-Year Software Forecast for Bio-Printers
    Exhibit 3-14: 10-Year Software Forecast for Professional Bio-Printers
    Exhibit 3-15: 10-Year Software Forecast for Compact Bio-Printers
    Exhibit 4-1: Bio-Printing Commercialization Timeline


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