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REPORT # Nano-517 PUBLISHED February 23, 2012
BIPV Glass Markets -2012
  • Glass and Glazing
  • Renewable Energy

    This report builds on the considerable amount of industry analysis that NanoMarkets has carried out in the BIPV, smart windows and related markets to provide an eight year forecast and roadmap for BIPV products.

    This report examines and quantifies the market for BIPV products worldwide with coverage of both commercial and residential markets and a special consideration of the immediate market for BIPV in prestige buildings of various kinds.  This analysis is carried out in the context of the latest developments in regional and national PV regulatory policy and construction industry trends.

    The report also projects the development of BIPV glass systems themselves showing how they are expected to evolve from relatively crude systems with low levels of transparency to true integrations of PV and window glass.  The report also looks at what the implications of all of this is in terms of opportunities for both PV and glass firms and assesses the current strategies of firms already pursuing the BIPV glass market.  And as with all NanoMarkets reports, this report contains granular eight-year forecasts in both MW and dollar terms of BIPV glass markets, with breakouts by end user, type of product and type of PV technology.

    Executive Summary
    E.1 Products and Timeframes for BIPV Glass
    E.1.1 Transparency as the Main Competitive Feature for BIPV Glass
    E.1.2 The Economics of BIPV Glass
    E.1.3 The Aesthetics of BIPV Glass
    E.1.4 BIPV Glass as Green Building Materials
    E.2 BIPV Glass Products:  Today and Tomorrow
    E.3 Supply Chain Opportunities for BIPV Glass
    E.4 BIPV Glass Market Evolution
    E.5 Firms to Watch in the BIPV Glass Sector
    E.5.1 Six Companies to Watch in the BIPV Glass Space
    E.6 Opportunities for Distribution and Retail
    E.7 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts
    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Background to this Report
    1.1.1 The Aesthetic and Cost Promise of BIPV
    1.1.2 Is Transparency a Selling Feature for BIPV?
    1.1.3 Glass and “BIPV Chic”
    1.1.4 Future BIPV Glass Innovation Patterns
    1.1.5 Bottom Lines on BIPV Glass
    1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology of this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report
    Chapter Two: BIPV Glass Technologies and Products
    2.1 BIPV Glass:  What It Competes With and What It Doesn't
    2.2 The Economics of BIPV Glass
    2.3 The Aesthetics and Architectural Merits of BIPV Glass
    2.3.1 The Aesthetics of Basic PV and BAPV
    2.3.2 Aesthetics, Architects and BIPV
    2.3.3 Disadvantages of BIPV Glass
    2.4 Crystalline Silicon:  Where the BIPV Glass Market is Now
    2.4.1 Advantages of c-Si for BIPV Glass Applications
    2.4.2 Crystalline Silicon Limitations for BIPV Glass
    2.4.3 Suppliers of Crystalline Silicon BIPV Glass
    2.5 Thin-Film PV:  A Road Much Travelled by the BIPV Glass Sector
    2.5.1 Thin-film Silicon and BIPV Glass:  A Low-Cost/Low-Efficiency Option
    2.5.2 CdTe in the BIPV Glass Sector in the Future?
    2.5.3 CIGS:  A New Direction for BIPV Glass?
    2.5.4 Thin-Film BIPV Glass Suppliers
    2.6 OPV and DSC: Further Down the Integration and Transparency Road
    2.6.1 The “Advantages” of Low Efficiency in BIPV Glass
    2.6.2 Suppliers of OPV/DSC-based BIPV Glass
    2.7 BIPV Glass, Smart Windows and Productization Directions
    2.7.1 Customization:  The Current State of the Art in BIPV Glass
    2.7.2 First Generation Off-the-Shelf BIPV Glass Products:  Like the Old Products, But Without So Much Customization
    2.7.3 Second Generation Off-the-Shelf BIPV Glass Products:  Monolithic Integration
    2.7.4 Third Generation Off-the-Shelf BIPV Products: From BIPV Glass to Smart Glass
    2.8 Some Notes on Retrofits
    2.9 Key Takeaways from this Chapter
    Chapter Three: Markets and Drivers for BIPV Glass
    3.1 Regulatory Drivers for BIPV Glass
    3.1.1 BIPV Glass and Zero-Energy Buildings
    3.1.2 BIPV Glass, Building Codes and Green Building Standards
    3.1.3 Specialized BIPV Subsidies
    3.2 BIPV Glass Markets for Prestige Buildings:  Where the Market is Now
    3.3 BIPV Glass in Other Commercial and Government Building Markets
    3.3.1 Skylights
    3.3.2 Shading Systems
    3.4 BIPV Glass in Residential and Industrial Buildings and Other Markets
    3.5 Key Takeaways from this Chapter
    Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts of BIPV Glass
    4.1 Forecasting Methodology
    4.1.1 Macroeconomic Assumptions and Alternative Scenarios
    4.1.2 Sources of Information
    4.1.3 Pricing and Other Assumptions
    4.2 Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by PV Material
    4.2.1 Forecast by MW Shipped
    4.2.2 Forecast by Area Shipped
    4.2.3 Forecast by Revenues
    4.3 Eight-year Forecast of BIPV Glass by End User
    4.4 Eight-Year Forecast by Type of BIPV Glass Product
    Abbreviations and Acronyms Used In this Report
    About the Author
    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit E-1:  Major Firms Active in the BIPV Space, by Type of PV Technology
    Exhibit E-2:  Six Companies to Watch in the BIPV Glass Business
    Exhibit E-3:  Summary of BIPV Glass Markets ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 2-1:  Aesthetic Advantages and Disadvantages of BIPV
    Exhibit 4-1:  BIPV Glass Markets by PV Materials/Technology (MW)
    Exhibit 4-2:  BIPV Glass Markets by PV Materials/Technology (Millions Square Meters)
    Exhibit 4-3:  BIPV Glass Markets by PV Materials/Technology ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 4-4:  BIPV Glass Markets by End User (MWs)
    Exhibit 4-5:  BIPV Glass Markets by End User (Millions of Square Meters)
    Exhibit 4-6:  BIPV Glass Markets by End User ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 4-7:  BIPV Glass Markets by Product Type (MW)
    Exhibit 4-8:  BIPV Glass Markets by Product Type (Millions of Square Meters)
    Exhibit 4-9:  BIPV Glass Markets by Product Type ($ Millions)


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