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REPORT # Nano-507 PUBLISHED January 16, 2012
Conductive Coatings in Electronics and Energy Markets
  • Advanced Materials
  • Emerging Electronics

    NanoMarkets believes that the 2012-2013 period will be an important one for conductive coatings manufacturers.   Once a staid and stable business, the conductive coatings industry has seen a steady demand for ESD and EMI/RFI coatings and new forms of energy storage, solar, energy-efficient lighting, and the rise of flexible and transparent displays, all with unique and challenging coatings requirements. 

    The industry is also seeing the emergence of nanomaterials and NanoMarkets is predicting that nanometals, graphene and carbon nanotubes will account for a sizeable part of the conductive coatings market in the not-to-distant future and that metal oxides and organic materials will make a greater impact on the conductive coatings market than ever before.

    Clearly the business is changing, forcing companies to become more dynamic and responsive to new forms of energy and electronics. 

    In this report NanoMarkets examines and quantifies the opportunities for conductive coatings. As with all our reports, this study includes a detailed eight-year forecast of conductive coatings markets by application and material and it also contains a discussion of some of the key conductive coatings materials suppliers and their product/market strategies.

    NanoMarkets has been providing analytical coverage of the conductive coatings market for more than four years and has developed an insider’s knowledge of the factors that shape it.


    Executive Summary
    E.1 Key opportunities for conductive coatings firms
    E.1.1 Short-term opportunities: 2012 and 2013
    E.1.2 Longer-term opportunities
    E.2 Emerging trends in conductive coating technology
    E.2.1 Implications for coating equipment makers
    E.2 Firms to watch in the conductive coating space
    E.3 Summary of eight-year forecasts of conductive coatings space
    E.3.1 Alternative scenarios

    Chapter One:  Introduction
    1.1 Background
    1.2 Objective and scope of this report
    1.3 Methodology of this report
    1.4 Plan of this report

    Chapter Two: Materials for Conductive Coatings Markets
    2.1 Metallic coatings and their uses
    2.1.1 Recent trends in commercial metallic coatings
    2.1.1 The emergence of nanometals: Advantages and challenges
    2.2 A growing role for metal oxides?
    2.2.1 Metal oxides as ITO killer
    2.2.2 More metal oxides with market potential
    2.3 Carbon coatings
    2.3.1 The latest on carbon nanotube coatings
    2.3.2 Graphene – The next big thing in nanomaterial coatings, or not?
    2.4 Inherently conductive polymers
    2.4.1 PEDOT and PANI: The latest developments
    2.4.2 Do any other ICPs matter?
    2.4.3 Competition for ICPs from other organic materials
    2.5 Emerging advanced materials and nanomaterials for conductive coatings
    2.5 Key points made in this chapter

    Chapter Three: Current and Emerging Opportunities for Conductive Coatings
    3.1 Conductive coatings for solar panels:  Electrodes and other applications
    3.2 Conductive coatings in energy storage: Batteries, fuel cells and supercapacitors
    3.3 Conductive coatings in displays
    3.3.1 Impact on the conductive coatings market of flexible displays and transparent displays
    3.4 Conductive coatings in next generation lighting
    3.5 The future of conductive coatings in EMI/RFI
    3.5.1 The impact of the spread of wireless computing and communications
    3.6 ESD and antistatic coatings
    3.6.1 ESD protection and Moore’s Law
    3.7 Other emerging applications for conductive coatings
    3.8 Key points made in this chapter

    Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecast of the Conductive Coatings Market
    4.1 Introduction: Forecasting Methodology
    4.2 Forecast of conductive coatings in energy applications
    4.3 Forecast of conductive coatings in electronics and lighting applications
    4.4 Forecast of conductive coatings:  Breakout by type of coating
    4.5 Summary of forecasts

    Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in This Report

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