Analyst Bios
Julia Goldstein

Julia Goldstein is a Senior Associate Analyst at NanoMarkets whose recent works include analyses of metal meshes and silver nanomaterials as transparent conductors, flexible glass substrates, smart lighting and silver inks and pastes markets. Dr. Goldstein’s background is in semiconductor packaging, as both a technical editor for the trade press and a process development engineer working on multichip modules. She has published articles in Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, Journal of Electronic Materials, and various trade publications and also presented research at technical conferences.

For two years she authored a printed electronics column for Industrial+Specialty Printing Magazine, covering nanomaterials, OLEDs, photovoltaics, sensors, and other topics. Dr. Goldstein holds a PhD in materials science from UC Berkeley, an MS in materials science from Stanford, and a BS in engineering from Harvey Mudd College.

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