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REPORT # Nano-815 PUBLISHED March 16, 2015
Market Opportunities for Silver Nanowire Transparent Conductors 2015-2022
  • Advanced Materials

    This report analyzes the latest developments in Ag NW transparent conductor technologies, their advantages and drawbacks, and what we see as their potential adoption in various key end markets. The goal is to examine the advantages and latest improvements seen in Ag NWs, and apply that to opportunities in various and changing end applications — and thus identify revenue potential. We also examine the trend of vertical integration that has especially emerged within the Ag NW sector, and the claimed advantages for each company's strategy therein.

    This report also examines the products and companies that supply them to the major market segments; mainly with emphasis on the trio of main Ag NW TC companies and their supply chain. Companies discussed include:  Cambrios, Carestream, Cima, 3M, ClearJet, InkTec, Armor Group, Atmel, Blue Nano, CN Innovations, Heraeus, InTouch Technology, Innova Dynamics, SABIC, Seashell Technology, and Synaptics.


    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Background to this Report
    1.1.1 Recent R&D Focus
    1.1.2 Business Development and Funding Continues
    1.1.3 Competition and the Future
    1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology of this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report

    Chapter Two: The Evolution of Ag NW Transparent Conductor Technology
    2.1 Where Are Ag NWs Today?
    2.2 Challenges with Ag NWs
    2.2.1 Surface Roughness
    2.2.2 Haze
    2.2.3 Stability
    2.3 Understanding the Ag NW Supply Chain
    2.3.1 Benefits of Vertical Integration
    2.4 What's New in Ag NW TC Research
    2.4.1 Stretching the Limits
    2.4.2 Different Sensor Design Patterns
    2.4.3 Laser Patterning for Touch Panels
    2.4.4 Switching Substrates
    2.4.5 Is Copper an Option?
    2.4.6 Ag NWs for InGaN LEDs
    2.5 Surveying the TC Landscape: How Silver Nanowires Size Up
    2.5.1 ITO: Protecting the Kingdom
    2.5.2 Other TCOs: Little Progress to Report
    2.5.3 Metal Mesh versus AG NWs
    2.5.4 Carbon Nanotubes: Back on the Agenda
    2.5.5 Conductive Polymers: Niche Now as Then
    2.5.6 Fourth Generation TCs: Still Taking Shape
    2.5.7 Graphene: The Next TC Cinderella Story
    2.5.8 Metallic Films: The Perfect Material for Future Transparent Conductors?
    2.6 Key Points from this Chapter

    Chapter Three: Applications and Opportunities for Ag NW Transparent Conductors
    3.1 Touch-Screen Sensors: The Foremost TC Opportunity
    3.1.1 The Rise of Pro-Cap, and a Touch Sensor Revolution
    3.1.2 Reasons to Replace ITO in Pro-Cap Displays
    3.1.3 Analog-Resistive Touch Sensors and TCs
    3.1.4 Opportunities for Ag NWs in Large Touch Panels
    3.2 OLEDs: Large Markets – Potentially
    3.2.1 Why OLEDs Want to Drop ITO for Alternative TCs
    3.2.2 Opportunities for Ag NWs in OLED Displays
    3.2.3 OLED TVs: Great Promise for TCs, But Problems Still to Solve
    3.2.4 OLED Lighting: Also Seeking an Alternative TC
    3.2.5 OLEDs and Alternative TCs: Ifs, Ands, and Buts
    3.3 Conventional Flat-panel LCDs: Will ITO Ever be Dethroned?
    3.3.1 A Note on Transparent Displays and the Transparent Conductor Market
    3.3.2 Reality Check: Updating our Thinking on Flexible Electronics
    3.3.3 E-paper: A Shrinking TC Market
    3.4 Transparent Conductors in Solar Panels
    3.4.1 Silver Nanowires and Thin-film PV
    3.4.2 DSC and OPV: Looking Beyond Metal Oxides
    3.5 Other Applications for Ag NW TCs
    3.5.1 EMI/RFI Shielding
    3.5.2 Anti-static Coatings
    3.6 Key Points from this Chapter

    Chapter Four: Key Suppliers of Ag NWs for Transparent Conductors
    4.1 Cambrios (U.S.)
    4.1.1 Competition, Customers, and Markets
    4.1.2 How Cambrios Views Verticalization
    4.1.3 Solar Panels and Armor
    4.1.4 Financial Backing and Strategic Investors
    4.2 Carestream (U.S.)
    4.2.1 Why Carestream Says Verticalization Matters
    4.2.2 Overcoming Haze
    4.2.3 Bigger Sizes
    4.2.4 Future Developments
    4.3 Cima NanoTech (U.S.)
    4.3.1 Ag Nanoparticles vs. Nanowires
    4.3.2 Large Touchscreens and Applications
    4.3.3 Competition
    4.3.4 Touch and Other Applications
    4.3.5 Funding
    4.4 Other Silver Nanowire Suppliers
    4.4.1 3M
    4.4.2 ClearJet (Israel)
    4.4.3 InkTec (Korea)
    4.4.4 Innova Dynamics
    4.4.5 Blue Nano (U.S.)
    4.4.6 Saint-Gobain (France)
    4.4.7 Seashell Technology (U.S.)

    Chapter Five: Eight-Year Forecasts for Ag NW Transparent Conductors
    5.1 Forecasting Methodology
    5.1.1 Assumptions about Materials Utilization, Wastage and Yields
    5.1.2 Cost Assumptions
    5.1.3 General Economic Assumptions
    5.2 Eight-Year Forecast of Ag NW Transparent Conductor Markets by Application
    5.3 Eight-Year Forecasts of Ag NW TCs in the Touch-Screen Sensor Industry
    5.4 Eight-Year Forecasts of Ag NW TCs in Flat-Panel Displays
    5.5 Eight-Year Forecasts of Ag NW TCs in OLED Displays
    5.6 Eight-Year Forecasts of Ag NW TCs in E-Paper Displays
    5.7 Eight-Year Forecasts of Ag NW TCs in OLED Lighting
    5.8 Eight-Year Forecast for Ag NW TCs in Solar Panels
    5.9 Eight-Year Forecast of Ag NW TCs for EMI Shielding
    5.10 Eight-Year Forecast of Ag NW TCs for Antistatic Coatings

    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
    About the Author

    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit 2-1: NanoMarkets' Perspective and Expectations of Penetration of Selected Transparent Conductor Materials
    Exhibit 2-2: Metal Meshes and Ag Nanowires as TCs    
    Exhibit 3-1: Why the Touch Sensor Business is Attractive for Transparent Conductor Makers    
    Exhibit 3-2: Long-Term Issues that ITO Faces in the OLED Market    
    Exhibit 3-3: Flexibility of Transparent Conductive Material Types    
    Exhibit 5-1 Summary of Forecasts for Silver Nanowire/Nanoparticle TCs by Application  ($ Millions, except for final line)    
    Exhibit 5-2: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs for Touch-Screen Display Sensors    
    Exhibit 5-3: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs for Flat-Panel Displays (LCD and PDP)    
    Exhibit 5-4: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in OLED Displays (Excludes OLED Lighting)    
    Exhibit 5-5: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in E-Paper Displays    
    Exhibit 5-6: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in OLED Lighting    
    Exhibit 5-7: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in Thin-Film Photovoltaics    
    Exhibit 5-8: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in OPV/DSC    
    Exhibit 5-9: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in Electromagnetic Shielding    
    Exhibit 5-10: Forecast of Silver Nanowire TCs in Antistatic Coatings    


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