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REPORT # Nano-647 PUBLISHED September 23, 2013
Market Opportunities for Quantum Dots in Lighting and Displays
  • Advanced Materials
  • Emerging Electronics

    This new NanoMarkets report provides an in depth market analysis of the opportunities emerging within the field of quantum dots (QDs), examining the latest products, strategies and technical developments in electronics applications for these emerging materials.  Within the report we assess how QDs are likely to penetrate addressable markets in lighting and display applications and along what time horizon.  We also examine the technology hurdles facing QDs broader adoption and how the industry will resolve them.  The report also evaluates the potential of QDs vs competing technologies and provides NanoMarkets opinions on how well QDs will fare.

    The report also includes NanoMarkets’ assessments of the strategies of leading firms active in the QD space with attention paid as to which are the companies to watch in the market.   In addition, detailed and granular forecasts of QD shipments in volume and value terms and by application will be provided.


    Executive Summary
    E.1 Key Opportunities for Quantum Dots
    E.1.1 Display Backlighting
    E.1.2 Direct-Emission QD Displays
    E.1.3 QD Lighting
    E.2 Key QD Material Suppliers to Watch
    E.2.1 Key Display Industry-Focused Suppliers
    E.2.2 Key Lighting Industry-Focused Suppliers
    E.2.3 Established Component Suppliers
    E.2.4 Original Equipment Manufacturers
    E.3 QD Display and Lighting Roadmaps
    E.3.1 QD Display Roadmap
    E.3.2 QD Lighting Roadmap
    E.4 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts of QDs in Lighting and Displays

    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Quantum Dots: The Key Markets
    1.1.1 QD TVs Emerge, While QD-Based Smartphones and Laptops Have Yet to Gain Commercial Acceptance
    1.1.2 QD-Based Solid-State Lighting on the Verge of Commercialization, but Little Impact in Other Lighting Categories
    1.1.3 QD Material Suppliers Likely to Benefit in the Mid-Term
    1.1.4 Technology Gaps in Current-Generation QD Materials
    1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology and Information Sources for this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report

    Chapter Two: Quantum Dot Technology Trends Impacting the Lighting and Display Markets
    2.1 Important Performance Trends
    2.1.1 Color Range
    2.1.2 Power Consumption
    2.1.3 Lifetime
    2.2 Materials Options and Long-Term Materials Trends for Commercial QD Products
    2.2.1 Alleviating the Shortage of QD Materials
    2.2.2 Lower-Cost Fabrication Approaches for QDs
    2.3 Regulations and the Environment
    2.3.1 Environmental Issues and the Potential Toxicity of QDs
    2.3.2 Regulatory Hurdles
    2.4 Key Points from this Chapter

    Chapter Three: Applications for Quantum Dots in Displays and Lighting
    3.1 Display Applications for QDs
    3.1.1 Key Factors Promoting and Retarding the Use of QDs in Displays
    3.1.2 QD-Enhanced LED Display Backlighting
    3.1.3 Complete Replacement of LEDs in TV/Monitor Backlighting
    3.1.4 How will QDs Compete with OLEDs in the Display Space
    3.1.5 QD Displays in the Mobile Display Space?
    3.1.6 Potential Uses for QDs in Flexible Displays
    3.2 Lighting Applications for QDs
    3.2.1 Can QDs Make Lighting More Energy Efficient?
    3.2.2 Will QDs be Used in Smart Lighting to Enhance Mood, Health, and Job Performance?
    3.2.3 QDs in the LED Phosphor Sector
    3.2.4 How will QDs Compete with OLED Lighting?
    3.3 Key Points from this Chapter

    Chapter Four:  Eight-Year Forecasts of Quantum Dots in Displays and Lighting
    4.1 Forecasting Methodology and Objectives
    4.1.1 Scope of the Forecast
    4.1.2 Pricing Assumptions
    4.1.3 Other Assumptions
    4.1.4 Alternative Scenarios
    4.2 Forecasts for QDs in Displays by Display Type
    4.2.1 QD-Backlit LCD Televisions
    4.2.2 Other QD-Backlit Displays
    4.2.3 Direct-Emission QD Displays
    4.2.4 Other Types of QD Displays
    4.3 Forecasts for QDs in Lighting by Lighting Type
    4.3.1 Energy-Efficient Lighting
    4.3.2 Mood-, Health- and Performance-Enhancing Lighting
    4.4 Summary Forecasts for QDs in Display and Lighting Applications
    4.4.1 Eight-Year Revenue Forecast for QDs in Displays and Lighting by Major Product Category
    4.4.2 Eight-Year Volume Forecast for QDs in Displays and Lighting by Major Product Category
    4.5 Eight Year Forecast of QD-Enhanced Products
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
    About the Author

    List of Exhibits

    Exhibit E-1: Commercial Products Launched in Association with QD Vision
    Exhibit E-2: Eight-Year Revenue Forecast for QDs by Major Product Category ( US $Millions)
    Exhibit 2-1: Key Performance Properties, Applications, and Consumer Benefits of QDs
    Exhibit 2-2: Key QD Technologies and Future Outlook
    Exhibit 2-3: Current Status and Future Trends for QD Materials and Fabrication Options
    Exhibit 2-4: Key Concerns of the QD Industry and Probable Solutions
    Exhibit 3-1: Factors Working in Favor of QD Displays
    Exhibit 3-2: Factors Retarding the Adoption of QD Displays
    Exhibit 3-3: Highlights of QD Display Technology in Commercial Setting
    Exhibit 3-4: QD Strategies and Established Technologies
    Exhibit 3-5: Technology Suitability Under Different Scenarios
    Exhibit 3-6: Factors Impacting the Potential of QDs to Displace OLEDs
    Exhibit 3-7: Notable High-Performance TV Displays Based on Nanotechnology
    Exhibit 3-8: Notable Small Displays Based On Nanotechnology
    Exhibit 3-9: Status of QD Technology in Other Notable Display Segments
    Exhibit 3-10: Lighting Source Comparison
    Exhibit 3-11: Notable QD Research in the Lighting Segment
    Exhibit 3-12: Lighting Technology Comparison
    Exhibit 4-1: Product-wise Estimation of QD Material Content
    Exhibit 4-2: Eight-Year Forecast of Quantum Dots Used In Backlit LCD Displays: QD Backlit LCDTVs
    Exhibit 4-3: Forecast of Quantum Dots Used In Smartphones
    Exhibit 4-4: Forecast of Quantum Dots Used In Tablets
    Exhibit 4-5: Forecast of Quantum Dots Used In Laptop Computers
    Exhibit 4-6: Forecast of QDs Used In Monitors for Desktop Computers
    Exhibit 4-7: Forecast of Quantum Dots Used in  Large Direct-Emission Displays
    Exhibit 4-8: Forecast of Quantum Dots Used In Small Direct-Emission Displays
    Exhibit 4-9: Forecast of Quantum Dots Used In Flexible Displays
    Exhibit 4-10: Forecast of Quantum Dots-based Energy-Efficient Lighting
    Exhibit 4-11: Forecast of Quantum Dot-based Smart Lighting
    Exhibit 4-12: Eight-Year Revenue Forecast for QDs by Major Product Category
    Exhibit 4-13: Eight-Year Volume Forecast for QDs by Major Product Category (kilograms)
    Exhibit 4-14:  Value of Display and Lighting Products Using QDs (US $Millions)


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