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REPORT # Nano-705 PUBLISHED February 12, 2014
Markets for Silver Nanomaterials as Transparent Conductors
  • Advanced Materials
    The growth of the touch-screen market has focused efforts on alternative materials that might make a dent in ITO’s dominance as a transparent conductor. Several years ago the hype was all about carbon nanotubes, but now it appears that nanomaterials made from silver are much more likely to gain market share.
    In this report, we assess the current state of the market for transparent conductors made with silver nanowires and silver nanoparticles. This report draws from research gathered from NanoMarkets ongoing industry research program in the area of transparent conductors, but we have also brought the story right up to date based on the latest developments in the sector, showing what the current prospects are for silver nanomaterials in the transparent conductor sector.
    This report describes the capabilities and strategies of the leading silver nanomaterial-based transparent conductor suppliers and also discusses commercially interesting developments at other firms.  In addition, this report contains an updated granular eight-year forecast of the silver nanomaterial market as a part of the larger transparent conductor market and also forecasts the market in all the key applications where silver nanowires have potential to gain traction.
    The all-important application here is touch screens, and that is the most likely place for silver materials considered in this report to succeed. But this report also discusses other applications including LCD and OLED displays, OLED lighting and PV panels.  NanoMarkets believes that this report will provide the reader with deep strategic insight into new developments and market forecasts for this important sector of the transparent conductor market.
    Chapter One: Introduction    
    1.1 Background to this Report    
    1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology of this Report    
    1.4 Plan of this Report   
    Chapter Two: Silver Nanomaterials as Transparent Conductors   
    2.1 Trade-offs Between Conductivity and Transparency    
    2.2 Manufacturing Nanowires    
    2.2.1 Nanowires are Complicated    
    2.2.2 The Path from Raw Materials to Usable Panels    
    2.2.3 Horizontal or Vertical Supply Chain?    
    2.3 Silver Nanomaterials or Carbon Nanotubes?    
    2.3.1 Shifts in the Market    
    2.3.2 Can Silver Nanomaterials and Carbon Nanotubes Co-Exist?    
    2.4 Key Points from This Chapter

    Chapter Three: Applications and Markets for Silver Nanomaterials    
    3.1 Touch Screens: The Killer App    
    3.1.1 Silver Nanomaterials Have Some Advantages    
    3.1.2 Capacitive Touch Screens—Opportunities for Silver Nanomaterials    
    3.1.3 Resistive Touch Screens – Opportunities for Silver Nanomaterials    
    3.1.4 Competing Materials Pose a Challenge    
    3.2 OLED Displays and Lighting    
    3.2.1 Moving Toward Larger Panels
    3.2.2 OLED Lighting    
    3.3 PV Opportunities    
    3.3.1 Thin-Film PV    
    3.3.2 Organic PV and DSC    
    3.4 Other Applications    
    3.4.1 Electrodes for LCDs    
    3.4.2 E-Paper Displays    
    3.4.3 EMI Shielding    
    3.5 Key Points from This Chapter  

    Chapter Four: Key Firms to Watch    
    4.1 Cambrios (U.S.)    
    4.2 Carestream (U.S.)    
    4.3 Cima NanoTech (U.S.)    
    4.4 Other Silver Nanomaterial Suppliers    
    4.4.1 Blue Nano (U.S.)    
    4.4.2 ClearJet (Israel)    
    4.4.3 Saint-Gobain (France)    
    4.4.4 SeaShell Technology (U.S.)    
    4.5 Key Points from This Chapter  

    Chapter Five: Seven-Year Forecasts for Silver Nanomaterials as Transparent Conductors    
    5.1 Forecasting Methodology    
    5.1.1 Assumptions About Materials Utilization, Wastage and Yields    
    5.1.2 Cost Assumptions    
    5.1.3 General Economic Assumptions    
    5.1.4 Sources of Data    
    5.2 Forecasts for Aggregate Transparent Conductor Markets by Material Type and Application    
    5.3 Forecasts for Silver Nanomaterials by Application    
    5.4 Key Points from This Chapter    
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report    
    About the Authors  

    List of Exhibits
    Exhibit 2-1: Comparison of Transparent Conductive Materials    
    Exhibit 5-1:  Seven-Year Forecasts of Transparent Conductive Materials by Material Type     
    Exhibit 5-2:  Seven-Year Forecasts of Transparent Conductive Materials by Application      
    Exhibit 5-3:  Seven-Year Forecast of Silver Nanomaterials by Application ($ Million)    
    Exhibit 5-4: Forecast of Silver Nanomaterials by Application – Volume and Value   


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