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REPORT # Nano-421 PUBLISHED October 17, 2011
Markets for OLED Encapsulation Materials -2011
  • Advanced Materials
  • OLEDs

    In this new report, NanoMarkets, analyzes and quantifies the opportunities for encapsulation materials and technologies in the fast-growing OLED market. The report covers the commercial implications of technical developments in both materials and deposition equipment, and we identify the key factors for success for encapsulation materials suppliers in this space.

    The report also contains detailed, eight-year forecasts of the materials used for OLED encapsulation broken out by product type and application.  Finally, we examine the product development and marketing strategies of the major players in the OLED encapsulation materials sector, from large multinationals like 3M, DuPont and Corning to specialty firms like Vitex, Novaled and Tera Electronics, and we also attempt to indicate which are the “companies to watch” and which will be the likely winners and losers in the encapsulation materials space.

    Executive Summary: 
    E.1 Available Opportunities in OLED Encapsulation
    E.1.1 Opportunities for Encapsulation in OLED Lighting
    E.1.2 Opportunities for Encapsulation in OLED Displays
    E.1.3 What About Flexible OLED Encapsulation?
    E.2 Firms to Watch in the OLED Encapsulation Sector
    E.3 Investment Opportunities in the OLED Encapsulation Business
    E.4 Summary of Eight-Year Forecasts for OLED Encapsulation Technologies 2011-2018
    Chapter One:  Introduction to OLED Encapsulation Technologies
    1.1 Background to This Report: Where Are the Opportunities for OLED Encapsulation Materials?
    1.1.1 Preamble
    1.1.2  Finally, A Growing Market for OLEDs Emerges
    1.1.3 OLED Encapsulation Strategies
    1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology of this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report
    Chapter Two:  OLED Encapsulation Technologies
    2.1 Conventional Encapsulation Materials
    2.1.1 Cover Glass Technologies
    2.1.2 Multilayer Barrier Films for OLED Encapsulation
    2.1.3 Overview of Selected Suppliers of Multilayer Encapsulation Technologies
    2.1.4 Vapor-Deposited Conformal Coatings
    2.1.5 Metal Encapsulation
    2.2 Flexible Encapsulation Coatings
    2.2.1 Flexible Dyad Films On Plastic Substrates
    2.2.2 Flexible Glass
    2.3 Key Points Made in this Chapter
    Chapter Three:  Applications for OLED Encapsulation Technologies
    3.1 Likely Opportunities for Encapsulation Technologies by Application Type
    3.1.1 Small, Rigid Displays
    3.1.2 OLED Lighting
    3.1.3 OLED TV Displays—Are They Finally Becoming a Reality?
    3.1.4 Flexible Displays—When Will They Become a Factor?
    3.2 What Kinds of Advancements in Performance—and in Performance Validation—are Needed?
    3.3 The OLED Encapsulation Supply Chain
    3.4 Key Points Made in This Chapter
    Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts for OLED Encapsulation Materials
    4.1 Forecasting Methodology
    4.1.1 Scope of the Forecast
    4.1.2 Pricing Assumptions
    4.2 Eight-Year Forecasts for OLED Encapsulation Technologies by Type of OLED Application
    4.2.1 Small, Rigid Displays
    4.2.2 Encapsulation in OLED TV Displays
    4.2.3 OLED Lighting Encapsulation
    4.2.4 Encapsulation of Flexible OLEDs
    4.3 Eight-Year Forecasts by Encapsulation Technology
    4.4 Summary of OLED Encapsulation Eight Year Market Forecasts
    4.5 Alternative Scenarios
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in This Report
    About the Author

    List of Exhibits
    Exhibit E-1: Summary of Total Market Value of OLED Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-1: OLED Shipments by Application 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-2: Estimated Average Prices For Different Encapsulation Technologies, 2011 – 2018  
    Exhibit 4-3: Encapsulation of Small, Rigid Displays for Mobile Devices and Other Miscellaneous Applications, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-4: Encapsulation of OLED TV Displays, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-5: Encapsulation of OLED Lighting by Encapsulation Technology and By Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-6: Encapsulation of Flexible OLEDs (Displays and Lighting) By Encapsulation Technology and By Type of OLED, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-7: Cover Glass Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-8: Metal Cap Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-9: Dyad Film Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-10: Directly-Deposited Multilayer Barrier Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-11: Flexible Glass Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018
    Exhibit 4-12: Summary of Total OLED Encapsulation Area by OLED Application, 2011-2018  
    Exhibit 4-13: Summary of Total Market Value of OLED Encapsulation by OLED Application, 2011-2018


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