NanoMarkets Issues Newest Report on OLED Materials Markets, Sees $4.6 billion (USD) by 2020
Published: May 29, 2013 Category: OLEDs
Glen Allen, VA: Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets has issued a new report covering the market for OLED materials markets.   NanoMarkets projects that the total market for OLED materials will grow from a value of about $450 million in 2013 to well over $4.6 billion by the end of the decade.  Of that total, the value of core, functional OLED materials—active layer materials like emitters, hosts, dopants, and hole and electron injection, transport, and blocking materials, but excluding electrodes, substrates, and encapsulation materials—will exceed $265 million this year, and grow to just over $1.6 billion by 2020, corresponding to about 60 and 35 percent of the total OLED materials market, respectively.
Additional details about the report, OLED Materials Markets (Nano-629) are available at:
About the Report:
This report is the latest update from NanoMarkets on the OLED materials markets. In it, we quantify the opportunities that are emerging for materials suppliers, where the key determinants of long-term success will be improving performance while also reducing the total cost of ownership. We also analyze recent developments in the OLED materials supply chain; for example, we discuss how the geographical center of OLEDs is shifting towards Korea, and we discuss changes in strategy and product portfolios of key materials firms like UDC, DuPont, Cheil, Novaled, and Sumitomo.
The report contains detailed volume and revenue forecasts for materials used for OLEDs broken out by application, material type, functionality, and deposition method wherever possible. 
Other Findings:
In 2013, small and medium displays will account for over 99 percent of the total $450 million market for materials used in OLED displays. And, NanoMarkets forecasts that by the end of the forecast period in 2020, over 35 percent, or more than $1.6 billion, of the total market for OLED materials will be attributable to small and medium displays, like those found in smartphones and tablets.
NanoMarkets estimates that while the contribution of OLED TVs to the total OLED materials market today is negligible, its size can grow to nearly half of the market value, or over $2.3 billion, by the end of the decade.
NanoMarkets forecasts that the value of the total market for OLED materials for lighting applications is less than $3 million today, and that it can grow to over $630 million by 2020.  To get there, materials suppliers can help by developing products that enable manufacturers to reduce costs, improve yields, increase panel sizes, and improve lifetimes and efficiencies.
While quite a few OLED materials suppliers still exist, there have been important developments towards consolidation of power with respect to key OLED materials suppliers UDC and Novaled. 
About NanoMarkets:
NanoMarkets tracks and analyzes emerging market opportunities in solid-state lighting, energy, electronics and other markets created by developments in advanced materials. The firm is a recognized leader in industry analysis and forecasts of this kind and has been covering the OLED and OLED materials space for more than six years.
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