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REPORT # NMRN-101 PUBLISHED October 06, 2014
OLED Automotive Lighting – 2014
  • OLEDs

    This report provides an analysis of the emerging OLED automotive lighting market, technology and suppliers, with specific focus on OLED technology's suitability and readiness for automotive applications. We also provide detailed eight-year forecasts for the OLED lighting business specifically for the automotive segments, with separate revenue and volume estimations.

    In Chapter Two we discuss how automakers evaluate new technologies, and related examples that are currently finding inroads alongside (and perhaps overlap with) OLED lighting: smart lighting and smart windows. We also present one key European automaker's thoughts on OLED lighting. 

    Chapter Three covers applications for OLED lighting in the automotive sector, including exterior uses (e.g. rear lights and indicators) and interior uses (e.g. dashboards and interior illumination), plus challenges to adoption. 

    In Chapter Four we review trends shaping OLED lighting commercialization in general, the tradeoffs in improving the technology's three most important criteria (lifetime, luminance, efficacy) and how these tradeoffs specifically matter to the automotive sector. We also discuss the future of flexible OLED technology in the automotive sector and likely timeline for arrival. 

    In Chapter Five we highlight efforts from several individual companies, mainly in Europe and Asia, working to advance OLED lighting for automotive applications. And finally, in Chapter Six, we present eight-year forecasts for OLED lighting in automotive lighting applications, both for panels and luminaires.


    Chapter One: Introduction    
    1.1 Background to this Report    
    1.2 Objectives and Scope of this Report    
    1.3 Methodology of this Report    
    1.4 Plan of this Report    

    Chapter Two: OLED Lighting in the Automotive Sector    
    2.1 How Automakers Buy New Technology    
    2.1.1 A Tough Nut to Crack    
    2.1.2 Timeframes and Alliances    
    2.2 Similarities with Other New Technologies Seeking Auto Inroads    
    2.2.1 Smart Auto Lighting and the Implications for OLEDs    
    2.2.2 Smart Auto Glass Deployment and what it Means for OLED Car Lighting    
    2.3 How Automobile Industry Requirements Impact the OLED Lighting Sector    
    2.4 What Car Makers Think About OLED Lighting    
    2.4.1 Audi    
    2.4.2 BMW    
    2.4.3 Ford    
    2.4.4 Volkswagen    
    2.5 Key Points from This Chapter    

    Chapter Three: Uses for OLED Lighting in the Automotive Industry
    3.1 Where OLED Lighting Makes Sense    
    3.2 External Lighting    
    3.2.1 Rear Lights and Indicators:  Prime Real Estate for OLED Lights    
    3.2.2 Potential Hurdles to OLED in External Auto Lighting    
    3.3 Internal Lighting: Coming to the Forefront    
    3.3.1 Dashboards and Mood Lighting    
    3.3.2 Mirrors and Sunroofs    
    3.3.3 Watch the Skies: Why Aircraft Trends Apply    
    3.4 Key Points from This Chapter    

    Chapter Four: Trends Shaping OLED Lighting Commercialization    
    4.1 The Benefits of OLED Lighting    
    4.2 Balancing OLED Lighting Performance Parameters    
    4.2.1 Lifetime and Encapsulation    
    4.2.2 Luminance    
    4.2.3 Luminous Efficacy    
    4.2.4 Practical Manufacturing Issues    
    4.3 OLED Tradeoffs for Automotive    
    4.4 Flexible OLEDs: The Future?    
    4.4.1 Why Flexible OLEDs Are A Natural Fit for Automobiles    
    4.4.2 If Not Now, When?    
    4.5 Key Points from This Chapter    

    Chapter Five: Key Trends and Firms to Watch    
    5.1 European Industry Collaborations    
    5.2 Companies to Watch    
    5.2.1 Osram (Germany)    
    5.2.2 LG Chem (S. Korea)    
    5.2.3 Philips (Netherlands)    
    5.2.4 Konica Minolta (Japan)    
    5.2.5 Astron Fiamm (France)    
    5.2.6 Hella (Germany)    
    5.2.7 Sumitomo (Japan)    
    5.3 A Global View of OLED Lighting Development    
    5.3.1 Europe: Next to Asia in OLED Panels, Strong in Luminaires    
    5.3.2 Asia    
    5.3.3 U.S.: A Strong Materials Base, but Lacking Domestic OLED Manufacturing    
    5.4 Key Points from This Chapter    

    Chapter Six: Eight-Year Forecasts for OLEDs in Automotive Lighting Applications    
    6.1 Forecasting Methodology    
    6.2 Forecasts for Automotive Lighting Applications    

    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report    
    About the Author    

    List of Exhibits

    • How OLEDs Might Add Value to Cars    
    • How Automobile Industry Requirements Impact the OLED Lighting Sector    
    • OLED Lighting Applications in Automotive    
    • OLED Light Performance: Current Status and Future Targets    
    • Forecasts for Automotive Lighting Applications by OLED Panels    
    • Forecasts for Automotive Lighting Applications by OLED Luminaires    


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