Radiation Detection Devices for Military & Security: Targeting a $2.8 Billion Market Opportunity in 2022
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Glen Allen, VA:  According to a new report from industry analyst firm NanoMarkets. the market for radiation detection devices in domestic security will grow from a current market value of $1.35 billion, to $1.92 billion by 2022. For the military market we project a $617 million market today rising to $731 million by 2018 and $868 million by 2022.
Details of the new report, “Radiation Detection In Domestic Security and Military Markets, 2015-2022” are available at:
About the Report:
The bulk of radiation detection demand is centered in healthcare and medical applications, but those markets also represent the sector's slowest growth rates. The security and military sectors, on the other hand, are two of the fastest-expanding areas for radiation detection and attracting heavy investments at the present time. One obvious factor is the supposed increase in terrorist activity, and a need for monitoring and control aided by radiation monitors deployed at strategic positions for a number of protective or preventative goals. These include confiscating illicit radioactive materials, maintaining tabs on emitted rays from known sources, and measuring radiation in the aftermath of terrorist activities.
In this report, we explore the revenue potential for radiation detection in domestic security and military contexts, from personal radiation detection to fixed installations in airborne and maritime transports. We also analyze the products and marketing strategies of the leading suppliers of radiation detection equipment in these markets. This report includes granular eight-year forecasts (volume and value) broken out by device types and world region.
Companies discussed in this report include:  Arrow-Tech, Baltic Scientific, Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation, Bruker, Bubble Technology, Canberra, FLIR, L-3 Communications, Leidos, Ludlam Measurements, Mirion, North American Technical Services, Nuctech, Radiation Monitoring Devices (Dynasil), Rapiscan, Safran/Morpho, Saphymo, Smiths Group, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Highlights from the Report:
Some individual trends we highlight in this new report include:
Scanning at ports of entry, especially airports, are becoming ubiquitous, and the market for radiation detectors in these areas is enormous. Between the two types of technologies used here (backscattering and millimeter-wave), the latter seems to have a leg up these days due to privacy questions. Fixed portal monitors, especially docked at airports for passenger scrutiny, also need to establish that they don’t release any ionizing radiation themselves.
Demand for radiation detectors for first responders is very high, as these technologies have very good applicability in public areas to prevent release of radiation leading to damage and injury. Device designs that offer more powerful capabilities while emphasizing ease-of-use are proliferating — including development of mobile apps.
Portability and easy usage will predominantly govern the designing of radiation detectors and their accessories. Handheld RIDs and personal dosimeters will have very strong market growth in the coming years since they can be carried in the field. We also are seeing a trend in which such portable devices are networked together to more accurately and quickly determine the presence, type, and location of radiological material.
With ever-tightening control over Helium-3 (meaning high prices and low availability), look for more activity in new scintillating materials, especially CLYC. We also see activity in plastic scintillators as an option for detectors — including one example of a newly fabricated prototype device said to be extensible to larger volumes.
About NanoMarkets:
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