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REPORT # Nano-811 PUBLISHED February 04, 2015
Radiation Detection In Industrial and Scientific Markets: 2015-2022
  • Smart Technology

    Aside from extensive use in healthcare, and military/domestic security contexts, radiation detection is seeing significant growth in a number of industrial applications. Nuclear power is an obvious end market, despite recent end-market shifts and technology advancements. Other key industries here include oil/gas and mining, pharmaceuticals, and scientific research labs, as well as some emerging sectors with unique customized requirements such as scrap metal recycling and food safety.

    Grouped together under one roof, these industrial sectors represent some of the best growth opportunities for radiation detection equipment. There are clear opportunities in environmental monitoring, both for equipment (e.g. gas lines) and personnel. Novel applications (food irradiation) are emerging alongside broader trends of continued globalization and further industrialization of developing regions. Management of radioactive waste from a number of industrial processes will continue to be an area of concern and focus.

    In this report, we explore the revenue potential for radiation detection various industrial and scientific contexts, both for personal radiation detection and fixed-location installations, and including the major products and suppliers of radiation detection equipment in these markets. This report includes granular eight-year forecasts (volume and value) broken out by device types and world region.

    NanoMarkets believes that business development executives and product management professionals, investors, entrepreneurs involved with radiation detection equipment — especially those operating within industrial, energy, and scientific fields, or who supply to those industries — will benefit from the comprehensive analysis of radiation detection trends and technologies within this report.

    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Background to the Report
    1.1.1 Changes in the Industrial Radiation Detection Equipment Market:  Neutrons, Nano and Nuclear
    1.1.2 New Technology, Materials and Design Trends for Radiation
    1.1.3 Opportunities for Electronics and Software
    1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report
    1.3 Methodology of this Report
    1.4 Plan of this Report
    Chapter Two: Radiation Detection in the Pharmaceutical Industry
    2.1 Application Spectrum for Radiation Detectors in Pharma
    2.2 Radiation Detection and Drug Discovery
    2.2.1 Factors Retarding the Uses of Radiation Detectors in Drug Discovery
    2.3 Radiopharmaceuticals and Radiation Detectors
    2.4 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in Pharma
    2.5 Companies and Products
    2.5.1 Custom Radio-Synthesis Companies
    2.6 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Three: Radiation Detection Equipment in Nuclear Energy
    3.1 What’s Trending, and What's Changing
    3.2 Permanent Detectors at Nuclear Reactor Sites
    3.3 Radiation Detection in Vicinity of Nuclear Sites
    3.4 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in the Nuclear Power Industry
    3.5 Changing Market and Needs
    3.5.1 A Sector in Flux
    3.5.2 Shifting Regional Policies for Nuclear Power
    3.5.3 New Reactor Technologies: Still Far to Go
    3.5.4 Bottom Line: Our Thoughts on Radiation Detection for Nuclear Power
    3.6 Companies to Watch, Strategies and Products
    3.6.1 Fuji Electric
    3.6.2 Mirion Technologies
    3.6.3 General Atomics
    3.6.4 Saphymo
    3.6.5 Canberra Industries
    3.6.6 Polimaster
    3.6.7 Fluke Biomedical
    3.7 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Four: Radiation Detection in Scientific Laboratories
    4.1 Trends in Advancing Radiation Detectors in Labs
    4.2 Types of Radiation Detectors Used in Laboratories
    4.3 Customized Detection Equipment for Laboratories
    4.4 Radiation Detection and High-Energy Physics and Astrophysics
    4.4.1 Radiation Detection Technologies for High-Energy Physics
    4.4.2 Radiation Detection Technologies for Astrophysics
    4.4.3 Challenges for High-Energy, Astrophysics and Radiation Detection
    4.5 Medical Labs: An Important Niche
    4.6 Companies to Watch, Strategies and Products
    4.6.1 Mirion Technologies
    4.6.2 Oak Ridge Detector Laboratory (ORDELA)
    4.6.3 Ortec (Ametek)
    4.6.4 S.E. International
    4.6.5 Canberra Industries
    4.6.6 SMART Labs
    4.7 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Five: Summary of Eight-Year Market Forecasts for Radiation Detection Equipment in Industrial and Scientific Applications
    5.1 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in General Industrial Applications
    5.2 Oil and Gas
    5.3 Food Irradiation
    5.4 Scrap Metal Industry
    5.5 Industrial Radiography
    5.6 Nuclear Power
    5.7 Eight-Year Forecasts of Radiation Detection Equipment Used in Scientific Laboratories
    5.8 Forecast of Radiation Detection Equipment Markets by Region/Country
    Chapter Six: Radiation Detection Equipment in Other Industrial Applications
    6.1 Oil and Mining Industry
    6.1.1 Radiography in Resource Exploration
    6.1.2 Waste Management
    6.1.3 Oil Production
    6.2 Scrap Metal Recycling
    6.3 Food Irradiation
    6.3.1 Radiation Detection Used
    6.3.2 Applications for Radiation Detectors in the Food Industry
    6.4 Key Points from this Chapter
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
    About the Author
    List of Exhibits
    Exhibit 1-1: Classification of Selected Radiation Detection Systems by Functionality and Markets  
    Exhibit 1-2: Important Materials for Scintillating Detectors. 
    Exhibit 2-1: Important Radioisotopes and their Clinical Uses. 
    Exhibit 2-2: Different Types of Detectors Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry. 
    Exhibit 3-1: Types of Detectors Used in Nuclear Energy Sites. 
    Exhibit 4-1: Types of Detectors used in Laboratories. 
    Exhibit 5-1: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Oil and Mineral Exploration. 
    Exhibit 5-2: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Food Irradiation Safety. 
    Exhibit 5-3: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Scrap Metal Recycling. 
    Exhibit 5-4: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Industrial Radiography.
    Exhibit 5-5: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Nuclear Power 
    Exhibit 5-6: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Big Physics Laboratories. 
    Exhibit 5-7: The Market for Radiation Detectors for Medical and Academic Laboratories. 
    Exhibit 5-8: The Total Market for Radiation Detectors for Industrial and Scientific Applications ($ Millions) 
    Exhibit 5-9: Market Share of Radiation Detectors by Region (Percent) 
    Exhibit 5-10: The Market Size of Detectors by Region ($Millions) 
    Exhibit 5-11: Total Radiation Detector Market by Region ($ Millions) 
    Exhibit 6-1: Radiation Detection: Important Companies and Products in Oil, Gas and Mining Industry 


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