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REPORT # Nano-591 PUBLISHED November 15, 2012
Self-Cleaning Window Markets – 2013
  • Glass and Glazing
  • Advanced Materials
  • Smart Technology

    The key objective of this report is to identify and quantify the market for self-cleaning windows worldwide. With regard to quantifying the self-cleaning windows market, we include a detailed eight-year forecast in volume and value terms. The methodology for these projections is to be found in Chapter Three of this report.

    Since the market for self-cleaning windows is one with relatively few participants at the present time, an appraisal of the current self-cleaning windows products on the market and a critical review of some of the latest R&D in this space is presented here.

    Finally, we note that the subject of this report is primarily restricted to self-cleaning windows.  We acknowledge that this is part of bigger trends and we discuss these trends to some extent in what follows. For example, we take a look at how the self-cleaning windows trend fits into more general R&D work targeting self-cleaning surfaces as a whole.

    We also examine how self-cleaning capabilities may be incorporated into conventional insulated glazing units (IGUs) and smart windows.  And we have something to say about self-cleaning capabilities in the solar panel space, a market where there are some overlapping drivers, markets and potentially product integrations with the self-cleaning windows.


    Chapter One: Self-Cleaning Windows:  Opportunity Analysis and Background to Report
    1.1 Why Self-Cleaning Windows are an Emerging Market Opportunity
    1.1.1 Improving Self-Cleaning Windows Technology
    1.1.2 Impetus for Self-Cleaning Comes from Key Windows Industry Trends
    1.1.3 Investment Outlook for Self-Cleaning Windows
    1.1.4 A Future for Self-Cleaning Windows
    1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report

    Chapter Two: Rival Technologies and Products for Self-Cleaning Glass
    2.1 Types of Self-Cleaning Windows Technologies and Products
    2.1.1 Market Messaging for Self-Cleaning Windows
    2.2 Hydrophobic Self-Cleaning Windows
    2.2.1 Market Related Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrophobic Windows
    2.3 Hydrophilic Self-Cleaning Windows
    2.3.1 Photocatalysis Stage
    2.3.2 Hydrophilic Cleaning Stage
    2.3.3 Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydrophilic Windows
    2.4 A Note on ETFE
    2.5 Research and Development Trends
    2.6 Players and Products in the Self-Cleaning Glass:  Industry Structure
    2.6.1 Coatings Firms: Products and Strategies for Self-Cleaning Windows
    2.6.2 Major Glass Makers: Products and Strategies for Self-Cleaning Windows
    2.7 Balcony Systems Solutions:  BalcoNano (U.K.)
    2.8 Cardinal Glass Industries:  Neat Glass (U.S.)
    2.8.1 Technology
    2.9 Cyndan Chemicals:  Vitroglaze (Australia)
    2.9.1 Technology
    2.10 Hypho Technology:  Uri-pel (Singapore)
    2.11 International Trading and Consulting:  NanoCoat (Australia)
    2.12 Lotus Leaf Coatings:  LotusShield and Hydrophil (U.S.)
    2.12.1 LotusShield
    2.12.2 Hydrophil
    2.13 NanoPhos:  SurfaShield (Greece)
    2.14 nanoShell  (U.K.)
    2.14.1 nanoShell Glass
    2.14.2 nanoShell Solar PV
    2.15 nGimat (U.S.)
    2.16 NSG/Pilkington:  Activ  (Japan/U.K.)
    2.16.1 Technology
    2.16.2 The Activ Product Range
    2.17 PPG Industries:  SunClean (U.S.)
    2.17.1 Technology
    2.17.2 SunClean Recently Offered for Commercial Applications
    2.18 RainAway Nanotechnology:  RainAway Nano Self-Cleaning Glass Coat (Malaysia)
    2.19  Reactive Surfaces: DeGreez (U.S.)
    2.20 Saint-Gobain:  Aquaclean and Bioclean (France)
    2.20.1 Bioclean
    2.21 Shanghai Huzheng Nano Technology (China)
    2.22  Viridian Glass
    2.23 Opportunities for Self-Cleaning Coatings in Solar Panels
    2.23.1 Technologies Used
    2.24 Key Points Made in this Chapter

    Chapter Three: Self-Cleaning Windows: Applications and Forecasts
    3.1 Creating an Analytical Framework for the Self-Cleaning Windows Sector
    3.1.1 Macroeconomic Assumptions
    3.1.2 Assumptions About the Construction Industry
    3.1.3 Secondary Sources of Information
    3.2 Key Selling Features and Value Propositions for Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.2.1 Convenience-Justified Adoption of Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.2.2 Visibility-Justified Adoption of Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.3 Limitations on the Market for Self-Cleaning Windows:
    3.3.1 Climate-Related Limitations
    3.3.2 Limitations Deriving from the Location of the Facility
    3.3.3 “Chemical” Limitations on the Market for Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.4  Analysis and Eight-Year Forecast of End User Markets for Self-Cleaning Windows Markets
    3.4.1 Breakout of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Type of Building
    3.4.2 Breakout of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Retrofits/New Builds
    3.4.3 Breakout of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Technology
    3.5 Future Enhanced Markets for Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.5.1 Solar Panels and Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.5.2 Other Enhanced/Multi-Functional Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.5.3 Eight-Year Forecast of Enhanced Self-Cleaning Windows
    3.6 Key Points Made in this Chapter

    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
    About the Author


    List of Exhibits


    Exhibit 2-1: How Self-Cleaning Glass Fits into Current Energy and Other “Megatrends”
    Exhibit 2-2: Selected R &D Trends and Institutions in Self-Cleaning Glass
    Exhibit 2-3: Players and Products in the Self-Cleaning Windows Space
    Exhibit 2-4: Self-Cleaning Coatings Firms:  Comparative Listing
    Exhibit 2-5: Self-Cleaning Windows Firms:  Comparative Listing
    Exhibit 2-6: Pilkington Activ Product Range
    Exhibit 3-1: Core Selling Features for Self-Cleaning Windows
    Exhibit 3-3: Analysis of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Type of Building ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 3-4: Analysis of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Retrofit/New Builds ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 3-5: Analysis of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Technology ($ Millions)
    Exhibit 3-6: Analysis of Self-Cleaning Windows Market by Levels/Type of Integration      ($ Millions)


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