Besides our inventory of published market research reports and database products, NanoMarkets provides other industry information resources and custom research and consulting. We can provide:


Consulting Services
Our team of analysts can complete focused projects for clients who require more in-depth answers than those provided by traditional syndicated reports. From simple inquiry to semi-long term engagements, we can address specific strategic, technological and market requirements related to materials, manufacturing and finished devices on a global basis.


Customizable Reports
For clients with questions beyond those answered in a single report. NanoMarkets can leverage its extensive collection of research to provide the answers clients seek on a timely basis in the form of a customized report. Receive your report in less than a week’s time at potentially substantial savings over (sometimes) lengthy custom projects.


Start-Up Support
Market and technology analysis and research services for early stage firms looking to break into new markets or secure better positioning in the ones they operate within. Get feedback on business planning, obtain proper market and product segmentation, improve your understanding of market requirements or see a full value chain analysis.


Contact NanoMarkets to discuss how we can contribute to your company’s success. Special programs for government, educational and start-ups available.


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Robert Nolan
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