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REPORT # Nano-365 PUBLISHED June 15, 2011
Silver Powders and Flakes – 2011
  • Advanced Materials
    The traditional silver powders and flakes business is being shaken up by the commercialization of silver nanopowders and nanostructures.  The arrival of these silver nanomaterials is enabling addressable markets for silver inks and powders to be expanded.   Nanosilver powders promise to become a potent new antibacterial preparation, for example.  And nanosilver inks have the potential to take printed electronics from the age of the membrane switch to the age of the printed sensor and backplane.
    This new report from NanoMarkets analyzes the markets available for silver powders, flakes and nanomaterials over the next eight-years and provides detailed guidance on where the new revenue generating capabilities will emerge.  It includes a granular forecast of new business potential in this area for the next eight years, as well as an analysis of the strategies being employed by the leading firms in this space.  The report covers both emerging and conventional uses of silver flakes and powders and is a companion volume to the highly successful series of reports that NanoMarkets has produced on silver inks and pastes for the past five years.
    This report also discusses the considerable challenges that the silver powder and flakes business will face in the coming years.  The most obvious of these is the high price of silver, which shows no sign of abating.  This will make end users of silver powders and flakes begin to look at alternatives ranging from traditional silver alternatives such as carbon and copper all the way to the latest nanomaterials.  We show where silver powders and flakes will continue to rule the roost and where they must give way to other kinds of non-silver replacements.  In this report, we also consider with the impact of regulation impacting the use of nanomaterials, which has been especially focused on nanosilver.   While nanosilver appears to offer a new weapon against bacteria there are genuine concerns that nanosilver could – for this reason – prove to be a health risk. 
    This report explores the emerging opportunities in the silver powders and flakes space in the light of all these trends and provides a truly up-to-date guide to where the opportunities are to be found and how the challenges can be avoided in this important materials market.
    Executive Summary       
    E.1 Silver flakes and powder: Opportunities in world of high silver prices
    E.2 Profitable markets for nanosilver     
    E.3 Key firms to watch
    E.4 Finance and venture capital activity and opportunities in the silver powder and flakes space
    E.5 Summary of eight-year forecasts of silver markets   
    Chapter One: Introduction
    1.1 Background to this report   
    1.1.1 Growth opportunities for silver flakes and powders
    1.1.2 Nanosilver: An answer to high silver prices
    1.2 Objectives and scope of this report 
    1.3 Methodology of this report 
    1.4 Plan of this report    
    Chapter Two: Silver Flakes and Powders: Technology and Product Developments            
    2.1 Silver flakes and powders:  product types, product differentiators and manufacturing trends
    2.1.1 Silver powders
    2.1.2 Silver flakes
    2.1.3 Nanopowders and nanoflakes
    2.1.4 Silver nanostructures
    2.2 Silver alternatives in an age of age of high price silver:  How do the alternatives compare
    2.2.1 Copper
    2.2.2 Carbon
    2.2.3 Nanomaterials and hybrid alternatives
    2.3 Pricing of silver flakes and powders
    2.3.1 Pricing trends
    2.3.2 Pricing of nanosilver and silver nanostructures
    2.3.3 Impact of improved manufacturing on pricing and quality
    2.4 Environmental, health, and safety concerns with nanosilver
    2.4.1 Future regulation of nanosilver
    2.4.2 Silver and lead free electronics
    2.5 Key points made in this chapter        
    Chapter Three Applications and Markets for Silver Powders and Flakes 
    3.1 Silver pastes
    3.1.1 Nano-pastes
    3.2 Silver inks
    3.2.1 Nanosilver inks
    3.2.2 Transparent silver-based inks
    3.2 Conductive adhesives
    3.3 Brazing and soldering
    3.4 Applications for silver powders in paints and mirror finishes
    3.4 Medical and biocidal applications for silver powder
    3.4.1 Antbacterial uses of silver powder
    3.4.2 Other medical and related applications
    3.5 Other applications
    3.6 Key points made in this chapter
    Chapter Four: Eight-Year Forecasts of Silver Flakes and Powders Markets            
    4.1 Forecasting methodology    
    4.1.1 Data sources          
    4.1.2 Scope of forecast 
    4.1.3 Alternative scenarios          
    4.2 Pastes and inks
    4.2.1 Powders and flakes
    4.2.2 Silver nanomaterials
    4.3 Conductive adhesives
    4.4 Solders and brazing powders
    4.5 Antibacterial applications
    4.5 Other applications
    4.6 Summary of market forecasts            
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in this Report             
    About the Author           


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