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Technology Evolving: The Burgeoning Market for Smart Coatings
Published: February 18, 2015 Category: Advanced Materials Smart Technology

In the next few years, smart coatings will take a great leap forward in “smartness,” as many relevant R&D programs begin to produce viable commercial products. The smartness of coatings is, in fact, now reaching a point where they are going to be (1) much more useful than ever before and (2) much longer lived.  Both these trends will open up new addressable markets for smart coatings — a class of coatings that include self-healing, self-cleaning, self-layering coatings and other coated smart materials.

Biggest and Fastest Growing

According to NanoMarkets’ latest report on this topic (see: sales of these high value-added products will reach well over $600 million this year ramping up to $5.8 billion by 2020.  This represents average annual growth of around 57 percent compared to 2015.  A few market segments are going to do a lot better than this. 

For example, according to NanoMarkets estimates, the consumer electronics industry will be the fastest growing consumer of smart coatings.  Today consumer electronics uses hardly any smart coatings, but purchases of such materials will generate $225 million by 2020, with much of those revenues being derived from self-healing coatings designed to combat scratches and other physical damage, as well as a variety of coatings designed to improve human-computer interfaces (HCIs) such as touch screens.  

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