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REPORT # Nano-667 PUBLISHED January 15, 2014
Thin-Film and Printed Batteries Markets 2014-2021
  • Emerging Electronics

    NanoMarkets has provided coverage on the thin-film and printed batteries market for six years and has a deep understanding of what makes this market tick.  During the period we have covered these power sources, some of the firms in this space have made slow but steady progress both technically and in terms of business development; a few of them are generating significant revenue.  Other thin-film and printed battery firms have quit the market.

    What have changed are the markets that are being addressed by these batteries.  When the thin-film and printed battery business first appeared, the thought was that the main opportunity for them was RFID.  But RFIDs have not taken off in the way that many people hoped.  By contrast, these “thin” batteries have proved highly suited for powered smartcards, but for now this just a niche.

    Now it seems that a new opportunity might be appearing in the form of the so-called “Internet-of-things,” which promises ubiquitous sensors and other low-cost electronics.  Such devices need to be powered and “thin” batteries may be just the power source that the Internet-of-Things needs.  Has the thin-film and printed battery business suddenly found itself in the right place at the right time?

    In this year’s report, NanoMarkets analyzes these emerging opportunities.  We also discuss the latest materials and design strategies being pursued by the thin-film and printed battery makers and assess how successful they are likely to be in the marketplace.  As with all NanoMarkets reports, this report includes an eight-year forecast in volumes and value terms.  We also discuss the funding of firms in this space and how that will shape the thin-film battery market. 

    This report will be important reading not just for firms in the battery industry, but for all firms interested in the new opportunities appearing in the Internet-of-Things, smart packaging and other related markets.

    Executive Summary
    E.1 Important Changes in the Thin-Film/Printed Battery Market Since Last Year's Report 
    E.1.1 Entries and Exits:  Firms that Have Entered and Left the Sector Since the Previous Report
    E.1.2 Market Shifts:  From RFIDs to Smartcards to Sensor Networks and Green Electronics
    E.2 Improvements in Battery Manufacturing Technology
    E.3 Opportunities for Materials Suppliers
    E.4 Firms to Watch
    E.5 Recent Investments and Investment Trends in the Thin-Film and Printed Battery Segment
    E.6 Role of Business Ecosystems
    E.7 Summary of Eight-Year Market Forecasts for Thin-Film and Printed Batteries
    Chapter One: Introduction 
    1.1 Background to this Report 
    1.2 Objective and Scope of this Report 
    1.3 Methodology of this Report
    1.3.1 Forecasting Methodology 
    1.3.2 Information Sources 
    1.3.3 Economic Assumptions 
    1.3.4 Pricing Assumptions and Strategies 
    1.4 Plan of this Report
    Chapter Two: Important Recent Technical Trends in Thin-Film and Printed Batteries
    2.1 Energy/Power Density
    2.2 Form Factor: Size, Shape and Flexibility 
    2.3 Environmental and Safety Advantages 
    2.4 Temperature Stability 
    2.5 Lifetime
    2.6 Manufacturing Technology
    2.6.1 Improvements in Printed Batteries
    2.6.2 Recent Manufacturing Improvements for Thin-Film Batteries
    2.7 Improvements in Electrolytes and Electrodes
    2.8 Opportunities for Substrate Manufacturers?   .
    2.9 Key Points in this Chapter
    Chapter Three: Sensor Networks as the Next Big Market for “Thin” Batteries:  Eight-Year Forecasts
    3.1 How the Internet-of-Things is Changing Sensor Networks
    3.1.1 Current and Future Battery Requirements
    3.1.2 Implications for “Thin” Battery Manufacturers
    3.2 The Role of Printed Batteries in Sensor Networks
    3.3 What is the Threat to “Thin” Batteries from Energy Harvesting?
    3.4 Opportunities for Battery and Sensor Integration
    3.5 The Military as a Test Market for “Thin” Batteries in Sensor Market
    3.6 Eight-Year Forecast of Printed and Thin-Film Batteries in Sensors and Sensor Networks 
    3.7 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Four: “Thin” Batteries for Smartcards:  Eight-Year Forecasts
    4.1 Evolution and Future of the Powered Smart Card Business
    4.1.1 How Well are OTP Cards Catching On?
    4.1.2 What Other Applications for Powered Smartcards are Commercially Viable
    4.2 Current and Future Battery Requirements for Smartcards
    4.2.1 Implications for “Thin” Battery Manufacturers
    4.2.2 Impact of Card Manufacturing Technology on Battery Requirements
    4.3 Eight-Year Forecast of Printed and Thin-Film Batteries in Smartcards 
    4.4 Key Points from this Chapter
    Chapter Five: “Thin” Batteries for Smart Packaging and Other Disposables:  Eight-Year Forecasts
    5.1 Which Smart Packaging Applications Need Batteries?
    5.1.1 Food Packaging
    5.1.2 Pharmaceutical Packaging
    5.2 Battery Applications in Other Disposable Products
    5.2.1 Medical Disposables
    5.2.2 Interactive Media, Toys, Games, etc.
    5.3 Current and Future Battery Requirements for Smart Packaging and Disposables
    5.3.1 Implications for “Thin” Battery Manufacturers
    5.4 Eight-Year Forecast of Printed and Thin-Film Batteries in Smart Packaging 
    5.5 Key Points in this Market
    Chapter Six: Other Applications for “Thin” Batteries
    6.1 Medical Devices:  Eight-Year Forecast of “Thin” Battery Use
    6.1.1 Medical Implants
    6.1.2 CPR Devices
    6.2 Semiconductor and Computer Industry Applications:  Eight-Year Forecasts of “Thin” Battery Use
    6.2.1 Computer Memories and Clocks
    6.3 Future Applications for “Thin” Batteries
    6.4 Key Points in this Market
    Chapter Seven:  Summary of Eight-Year “Thin” Battery Forecasts
    7.1 Summary of Eight-Year “Thin” Battery Forecasts by Application
    7.1.1 Thin-Film Batteries
    7.1.2 Printed Batteries
    7.2 Summary of Eight-Year “Thin” Battery Forecasts by Battery Chemistry
    7.2.1 Thin-Film Batteries
    7.2.2 Printed Batteries
    Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
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